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We specialize in a variety of mental health services that are clinically proven. 

Therapy for Anxiety

Do you ever feel overwhelmed, and like you don’t have control over your life?  Do you feel lost?

Therapy for Depression

Do you ever feel like you never have the motivation to do anything?  Are you always feeling in a fog?

Therapy for Trauma

 Have you experienced a traumatic life event or a difficult transition?  Have you ever felt like you couldn’t confide in anyone?

LGBTQ+ Affirming

Have you ever felt like you couldn’t truly be yourself?  Do you ever feel like you won’t be accepted by your friends or family?

We’ve been meeting the mental health needs of our clients since 2005

Here at Lordran Psychotherapy, we have been working with clients to overcome their various life challenges.  We specialize in individual therapy that focuses on helping individuals cope and deal with anxiety, depression, trauma, and LGBTQ+ related issues.

Life is full of challenges.  Relational difficulties and personal struggles can feel isolating and withering.  Many of us feel alone in our suffering, stuck in an endless loop of trial and error.  This is part of why individual therapy is so helpful.  Individual sessions offer people the chance to find solutions in a cooperative, relational manner. This focus allows for not only general improvement in most areas of life, but the individualized attention each person deserves while going through trials.

We also offer a variety of group therapy options for those who feel they need extra support from more than just an individual therapist.  Depending on the core nature of the problem that you are dealing with, group therapy may be an ideal option to help you address your concerns.  While, sitting down with a group of strangers and discussing your problems may sound intimidating, but as individuals acclimate themselves within the group setting, many find that group therapy offers many benefits that are not found in individual therapy. 

Learn More About Our Therapists

The therapists at Lordran are all licensed professionals who are experts in their fields.  Each of them has their own specialties that you may find resonate with you.  To see if you may be a good fit, please feel free to read more.  

Check Out Our Blog

We post weekly updates on our blog where we discuss various mental health challenges and ways of overcoming them.

Your Mental Health is Our Top Priority

Here at Lordran Psychotherapy, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the very best standard of care.  We ensure that our therapists are practicing evidence-based methods.  We pride ourselves on our stellar reputation and look forward to helping our community grow and heal.

Our clients are our number one priority and we want you to feel confident in the care provided by our team.  If you have any questions regarding our services and methods, feel free to contact us!

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